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Taking Swindon By Storm – I will keep this short and sharp; last week I had the opportunity to inspire students from Bradon Forest School, St Joseph’s Catholic College and Swindon Academy. Here are some of the best student messages I received:

“Thank you so much for coming! Most teachers attempt at motivation, they are just trying to scare you into working hard by getting you to think about failure and disappointment but you made us want to do something for ourselves and our own futures. And made it funny at the same time.”

“Thank you for an amazing speech, it was really inspiring”

“Just thought I’d say you’ve really inspired me to try hard and that you can always work hard and do well no matter what”

“You’ve helped to motivate a lot of us today”

“Hello you came to my school yesterday to give your speech and I really liked it, I came to speak to you at the end of it and we spoke about football, I thought your speech was really motivational and I just wanted to say thank you again”

“Thank you very much for doing a speech. Really enjoyed it and thought you were very motivating”

“Thanks for the motivational talk Cam”

“Loved the assembly”

“Thank you for visiting our school today. You were extremely motivating!”

Teachers Message

A big thank you for yesterday. All the pupils that I spoke to later in the day said it was really good and it inspired them to work a little harder. All pupils were engaged in the process and your humour was spot on. I will look to get you back in if possible (perhaps for the Y10) or a follow up with the Y11s


The Best Student Message

“Hi Cameron, I would just like to say a massive thank you to you, I’ve got a difficult life with unloving parents anger issues and a bad reputation in school with my teachers. I am hoping to join the army and at the moment I have been to a few army interviews but have not been asked for a school reference but I know that I will need one eventually and it’s not gonna be good. Not so long ago you came into my school and delivered an amazing speech and it has moved me a lot, it has inspired me to get up and try my hardest, I’ve been watching your Snapchat story and everyday I get inspired even more, I love what you are doing and you’ve inspired me to get up and try to do better. I have so far got back into a few lessons and started doing extra work at home to try and gain back work I missed out on and I just wanted to say thank you. I really really enjoyed your speech at our school and have told many people,about you and recommended you to them and other schools as well and I just thought I would drop you a message to say thank you”

If you are still here with me then I want to personally thank you for the continued support; it is truly appreciated and I know 2018 is going to be a great year. If you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school then email me personally on

Taking Swindon By Storm

Taking Swindon By Storm

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