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Successful Motivational Speaking – Extremely busy week last week and the feedback has been incredible. I had the opportunity to motivate students from Millbrook Academy in Gloucester, Abbey Park School in Swindon, Orchard School and St Bede’s Catholic College in Bristol.

Here are the messages I received from students last week:

“Thanks for coming to Millbrook today is made me realise that even if you don’t get the grades you want you can still enjoy life and make the most of it”

“Honestly loved your presentation it was the only one I really listened to throughout the whole day to be honest. It made me very motivated to do the best I can in school because if you really want something you have to put in effort to achieve it not just sit back and hope an opportunity comes your way. And as they say everything happens for a reason. Anyway hope to see you again thanks for taking the time out of your day to come and see us”

“Thank you for that motivational talk today, you definitely made me realise that I need to get down and work hard to get where I want! I’m even revising right now for my mocks, scary to think I would actually be revising, thank you so much”

“I like your motivational talk at Millbrook and it actually helped me, thank you”

“It helped push me in the right direction a lot”

“Today was great and very inspiring, maybe I should probably go study or something haha But seriously, you’re inspirational, thanks so much for the talk. I was in group 1”

“Think it was really good and inspiring and you made me think a lot, so thank you for the great talk”

“I would just like to thank you for the speech today at school, it really inspired me and made me think about the grades I want and to achieve my dream job of a designer so thank you”

“Thanks for coming in, I needed it”

“Was such an inspirational talk! Changed my thoughts completely on my education”

“Hi Cameron just saying that you did a really good motivational session today”

“You did a talk at my school today it was great thank you so much”

“I’m gonna try because you’ve made me realise like I’ve tried for a very long time to sort my self out and it wouldn’t work and then you came a long and made me realise, thank you so much”

“Very inspirational, life-changing experience, hope you do what you did today for many people”

“Was an amazing talk, really inspired to do my best now”

“It was great, thank you you are an inspiration”

“Really really good! I normally hate talks and stuff but I actually enjoyed it. I could also relate to it quite a bit which made it so much better”

“It was so motivational, I have had a lot of trouble at home and at school and it’s changed my perspective”

“You were really good as we left people were saying how good you was”

If you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school then email me personally on however you need to be quick as my diary is rapidly filling up. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Successful Motivational Speaking

Successful Motivational Speaking

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