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Do You Love Arguing? Me Too! Have you ever been in an argument with someone and regardless of what they say you don’t listen; their opinion might actually be valid but you couldn’t care less! You are focused at defeating this individual in a verbal battle, making the decision that you won’t stop until you win the war, even if you have to say the most absurd lies and use false statistics to prove your point, whatever it is, to support your cause!

Come on, you may be smirking right now but we have all done it. Perhaps I’m exaggerating on my choice of example, but you get the point. For me, personally, I’ve felt I needed to constantly defend myself for a large majority of my life; and if I came across anyone with a different opinion to me I would jump at them in an instant to prove how they were wrong and how I was right.

Why did I do this? I believe it was because I was emotional, immature, and insecure with who I was and what I knew; constantly trying to prove I was the man. I guess you may think the old me sounded like an idiot, and you’re probably not wrong, but this is a common trait many of us share.

Our emotions get the better of us; we are controlled by our feelings and in a heated situation we go wild and lose ourselves. I am going to suggest one thing and one thing only.

Replace argument for action

If you can’t benefit from the verbal war then don’t get involved; easier said than done and sometimes debate can be necessary, but words will rarely convince an individual that you are right and they are wrong.

Simply put, you are wasting your time and energy. The one thing people can’t dispute is results, “The truth is generally seen, rarely heard,” so instead of running your mouth let’s start running our feet.

Do You Love Arguing?  Cameron ParkerI remember when I began my speaking; I always heard people criticising me but I never reacted, even when one older individual I respected told me it would never work because I was not a ‘somebody’!

I just thought to myself, “okay, watch me,” and I proceeded to work hard and now I get booked all around the country and speaking is my job, nobody can argue whether I will or won’t make it as a speaker because I am actually doing it.

I say this with complete humility; I just want to save you from experiencing a decrease in motivation and your energy being sucked out of pointless arguments that benefit nobody!

So my final words for you: put in action, action, and action. That way the naysayers can’t tell you anything!

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Do You Love Arguing?

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