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Inspirational Message – What is one key thing the majority of successful people all have in common? Any ideas? Well lucky for you my inspirational message this week is a powerful one; something altogether different when compared to the videos I have been releasing on my Youtube channel, check it out below…

So there you have it… a common trend in successful people is their self-belief system. I remember when I didn’t have any confidence. I had low self-esteem and as a result my belief system was at an all time low. It was tough; I couldn’t be bothered to do anything, I had a ‘what’s the point attitude’ and regardless of how much time I spent listening to motivational podcasts, I didn’t change!

Taking action wasn’t a regular-enough part of my day; I went downhill from there and started to feel extremely guilty as I knew I should be doing something productive, but I just couldn’t get my head around it. This downward spiral continued for far longer than it should have.

Eventually I snapped out of this mindset and behaviour, concentrating on moving forward and progressing in different areas of my life. Once I did this my whole life changed; I wasn’t suppressing feelings and emotions anymore and I focused my attention on becoming a little bit better everyday.

I managed to achieve this through a process of setting myself goals. Then, I’d break down those goals into small, simple steps, and over time I started to dominate the small wins… which in turn built up a huge bank of positive momentum.

With mastering the small stuff I started to build up my belief system and confidence. Your chances of succeeding dramatically increase when you strongly believe you can do something.

However, it is no secret that you will face adversity; things will not always go your way. Through experiencing a setback an individual who has a strong belief system will not be affected as much as someone who doesn’t. Once again emphasizing the importance of dominating the small stuff, first to build up confidence, and ultimately shifting our mindset to believing in ourselves and what we can achieve.

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Inspirational Message

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