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Motivational Speech – Finally, the Bristol City Community Trust video is here; I have been teasing you all over the last couple months by releasing the ‘Show Up’ motivational video about Conor McGregor, plus there are many clips from this session at Ashton gate in the Elite Academy promo video.

Before I continue, you must watch…

The misconception may be that every individual who joins the organisation wants to become a professional football player; it might be for some, but through interaction with the students they all have different visions and aspirations. The slogan for the organisation is “Improving lives through football and learning”, and it is apparent that the community trust clearly achieves this, living up to their word!

My experience was incredible; straight away you can see that Bristol City Community Trust is a standout organisation, from the way the students dressed, communicated, and behaved throughout the whole session. Everyone appeared to be focused, soaking up every word I had to say, which is great to see, because through experience I can tell who is serious and who is not.

Whether it’s in business, sports or even schools one thing appears the same; the difference between an average organisation and a great organisation lies in the standards they set. There is a certain level of expectations throughout the ‘Bristol City Community Trust’ and it is definitely a great place for young individuals living around Bristol to be a part of.

I just want to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey to motivate and inspire the UK. I am far from finished; my schedule is rapidly filling up for the next academic year, which is amazing; 5 years ago this was all a dream.

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Motivational Speech from UK Motivational speaker Cameron Parker

Motivational Speech

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