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Criticism Is Crippling You – We live in a time where people measure their self worth based on how many followers or likes they receive on their social media pages. They won’t post certain things or act in a particular way because they are terrified of people disagreeing… a lot of people are scared of criticism, whether it is from their family, people at work, in school or even strangers.

In all honesty, are you scared of criticism? If so this is a dangerous, dangerous game to play, this is why…

 In most cases the fear of criticism can overpower the desire of success

Let me explain about when I first started speaking and I was looking to build up my reputation and motivational speaking business. I felt like I needed to act in a certain way and that I always needed to be positive. Even when I felt down, I needed to present a fake smile, I struggled with this and trying to carry this persona around wasted a lot of energy.

I thought that if I didn’t act in the certain ways a so-called ‘motivational speaker’ is supposed to act, I would be criticised. But this wasn’t real, I was deceiving myself and everyone around me. That wasn’t me, I started to be myself more and the outcome was incredible. I became more relatable to the majority of people, making what I say more powerful, resulting in greater impact and results.

Because if someone tells you they are always happy and they never experience a bad day I would say they are lying. We all have bad days, we need bad days because without them good days would not feel so great.

We need to realise, despite how hard we try, we can’t please everyone, you will not always be liked. This is an impossible task to achieve, so we need to get this perception of perfection out of our minds.

When people criticise us, that’s fine, you may actually learn something and what they say may be valuable to yourself. The plus side of this is that you don’t need anyone to co-sign your dreams, in other words, their opinion is irrelevant.

This is a powerful quote:

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

Why do we do this? Because we are scared to be judged and criticised! To fully move forward we must learn to remove this thinking. Your self-worth is not based off what others think about you or how many Facebook likes you have, it is judged internally and by how you feel about yourself.

When you take this approach and decide to focus on yourself, your life will change for the better… if people want to hate or put you down that is only a reflection of their insecurities not yours.

Criticism Is Crippling You - Motivational Speaker UK

Criticism Is Crippling You

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