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Last week I visited the inspiring Fairfield High School; achieving excellence is their slogan and something I strongly believe they strive for. Last year I ran a motivational assembly with the year 7s and year 11s, the impact and value I provided was aligned with their vision, therefore they decided to invite me back. Elite Motivator in a motivational assembly

The students and staff are extremely welcoming; immediately I felt at home and comfortable to deliver my motivational sessions. The students were full of energy, respectful and showed a willingness to participate. The motivational assembly requires a level of focus, they displayed this and through conversations with the students after I am confident my message benefited them.

I also received some responses from the students on my social media pages:

“Just like to say your speech today was inspirational, it has made me realise I still have time to improve on my grades, achieve my potential! It was great having you in, thank you so much!”

“You gave us a real eye opener and a real insight to how hard we should work for the things we want, big up”

“I’m from Fairfield and I felt your talk today was really good and helpful and I appreciate you came in and did it, thanks”

“You were great at Fairfield High, I wish you could be in every assembly”

Dr. Steve Murray the achievement coordinator at Fairfield High School shared his thoughts:
“Cameron gave an inspirational and rousing presentation to our year 7 and 11 students directed at encouraging academic success through sustained effort, developing resilience and persevering to overcome hurdles. His message was crystal clear and pitched in a style which was both highly memorable and easy to access. Cameron uses a wide range of examples and anecdotes to engage and motivate his audience, all of which are consistent with his philosophy of applying effort and a no-regrets approach to learning as a recipe for success. There has already been a noticeable improvement in the mindset of many of our students, which has to be at least partially attributable to Cameron’s work. An hour of his time has left a lasting impression and helped to give our students the belief that will support them to achieve their great potential.”
I just want to thank Fairfield High School for inviting me to inspire your students; I loved every second of it and I can’t wait to get your year 11s exam ready in March!
Motivational assembly - Cameron Parker

 Motivational Assembly – Fairfield High School

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