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Schools Motivational Session – Today I had the opportunity to inspire the year 11s at the Yate International Academy (YIA), apart of the Ridings Federation. YIA has signed up to ‘The Elite Academy,‘ here is the response from the first session:

“Thank you for today Cameron. You’ve really inspired me too knuckle down this year and get some grades. It’s going to be hard but from your speech I feel like I can achieve anything. Thank you again and I’ll let you know how I get on”Schools Motivational Session - Cameron Parker Bristol

“You are an inspiration to people getting ready for adult life and your talks really helped to make me realise more than ever that I should start revising in advance to prepare for my exams, thank you”

“I thought your talk was really inspirational and helped me a lot and has definitely urged me to work to the best of my ability in the yeaR to come, thank you very much, and sorry for our rowdy year 🙂 from YIA”

“Hello I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming into our school today and giving us all that aspirational advice you gave us! I’ve took a lot of advice from you and going to be using it this year…you should be proud of what you do because honestly your good at your job!!”

“Thanks for today! Really inspired me to try a lot harder, keep doing what you’re doing!”

“By the way I am a YIA student and your speech/ assembly game me a boost to seeing how important education is, thank you”

“Hello, it’s Ian from YIA, thank you for the assembly it made me think about how much education is important”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the other day when you came in, I took in what you said and I’m going try harder and stop being mouthy, thanks”

“Thank you for coming to my school today. I found it really motivational :)”

“Enjoyed your presentation, really inspiring”

“I thought it was really good got through my head to buckle down this year, thanks”

“Really helpful, very cool, really enjoyed it compared to other people we have had here”

Great response from a great academy, the staff are amazing and the academy is full of inspiration. I am looking forward to building a strong relationship with the students over the next academic year to ensure they succeed, not only within the classroom but also in their personal lives.

I am in this game to inspire, motivate and support the younger generation and receiving responses like this makes the hard work worth it.

The Elite Motivator in Gloucestershire

Schools Motivational Session – Yate International Academy

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