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Cameron Parker Interviewing Year 11 Boys – Being relatable is crucial for success, especially with the motivational service I provide in schools; teachers want impact immediately and that is exactly my focus. I ask myself: how can I provide as much impact and value as possible? I work off of that question with the material I share and the work I deliver. However, the relatability aspect appears to be key. Before I continue, watch the video of me interviewing Outwood Academy Foxhills students after my motivational sessions:

I hope you enjoyed the video. I had a great time inspiring at Outwood Academy Foxhills in Scunthorpe. I also want to share with you an incredible message I received just this week from a student that I inspired at Churchdown School Academy in Gloucester last academic year:

“So today’s my first day of college!! I want to say a massive thank you! If it wasn’t for you I would be going to college today! I might not even be here today at all! Long story short, you are my hero! You inspired me to try harder! Thank you so much.”

It’s no secret that teachers and I are in an influential position; our actions and words can make a significant difference to an individual’s life. Once we understand that, the impact we can have will be huge. Therefore, I believe that this makes our positions exciting to be in.

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone for the continued support throughout the years and providing me with opportunities to inspire your students. This year is shaping up to be a great one. If you would like to book me in for a motivational session, or if you have any questions, then please email me personally on Looking forward to hearing from you, until next time keep up the amazing work.

Cameron Parker Interviewing Year 11 Boys

Cameron Parker Interviewing Year 11 Boys

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