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Confidence Building In Schools – I hear on a regular basis; “our students are more than capable to achieve great things, but they are extremely low on confidence; they just need to believe in themselves more”.

That message is congruent throughout nearly every school I visit within the UK, especially when I ask student questions around this specific area in my motivational workshops, I would say over 70% of students will put their hands up.

When I received this message, I thought I would touch on confidence building in schools in more detail:

“It was a boost to my confidence and I feel more ready for GCSE’s and everything after, and it was more interesting than the other talks we’ve had.”

“You are amazing in what you do! You make everyone I know more confident and making everyone seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to their goal.”

Confidence is important; not just in schools but also in every walk of life and in all honesty, it can be something I still struggle with. For example, I am more comfortable motivating on a stage with a thousand people in front of me than I am in a 1-to-1 meeting, but you might be the complete the opposite to that.

Confidence Building In SchoolsHowever, the fact is this; we don’t all feel confident 100% of the time. If you do then you are probably not human. But in my motivational sessions I bring the students on a emotional roller coaster. Breaking down the obstacles that are in front of them and instilling belief within them to hopefully go on and succeed, not only in their exams, but also in life. This can be a challenge and does take time, but it is achievable and I believe the majority of teachers are doing a great job in trying to tackle this. However, it does sometimes need an outsider’s perspective.

The students love to listen to something new; it provides a different insight that can bring a huge amount of benefits to their lives. Therefore, if you are looking to find ways to build confidence within your school, then I would love to make this happen for you…however, my diary is rapidly filling up, so email me personally as soon as you can to confirm your space. My email is Until next time, keep up the great work.

Confidence Building In Schools

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