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All I can say is wow; despite both schools being a part of the ‘Trust In Learning’ group, Bridge learning campus & Orchard school are uniquely different but extremely similar.

Walking into both schools I was shocked by the warm welcome I received from the receptionist and the members of staff. I was taken for tours around the schools and I was provided with an in-depth review of the history and current situation of the schools.

Inspiration was everywhere; with bright colors, impactful imagery and powerful quotes. There was a pleasant atmosphere surrounding both schools, it was great to witness passionate teachers who cared about It Was A Pleasure, Bridge Learning Campus & Orchard School the growth and futures of their students.

The inspirational session I delivered was to the year 11s before their first important GCSE exam. My goal was to motivate and leave a lasting impact on the students, ensuring they make the right decisions leading up to their exams and after.

The motivational sessions were a huge success, here are some messages I received after:

“Great talk at Bridge today! Made me want to try a lot harder to achieve my goals”

“I will work hard because you have inspired me telling me you want to be the first in your family to succeed in uni, I have always said the same thing but have down graded myself because I don’t think I can get the grades I need but because of you I’m going to try my best and I’ll tell all the teachers you have inspired me because you have”

“You are good, thank you very much for the inspiration. I’m going to try my best to knuckle down, I hope I can do it”

Cameron Parker - Results Are Everything“Hey man I just wanted to say thank you for your talk today it’s really inspired me and made me look at my life in a different way. You may not get feedback like this all the time but you really made an impact today. I don’t know if you remember but I’m the guy from Orchard that came and shook your hands haha Anyways thanks”

“Absolutely loved your talk, and the interaction. While studying drama I can appreciate that talk on both a performance and deep motivation! Your Grandma part really hit home for me, keep at it, loved it all, keep up your amazing work!!”

“Hey man, I was at your talk this week. I thought you were really cool, what you do is incredible. People like you change the world. Cheers for the motivation and keep it up”

I want to leave the best to last and discuss the students. They made my visit into the schools an unforgettable experience, the goal and dreams some of the students shared with me actually made me feel proud of the younger generation.

They made me feel like I was at home and I’m confident once they walk out the school gates for the last time they will be on the right track to achieving their dreams. I cannot wait to work with both schools again in the near future; if you ever have an opportunity to visit, I fully recommend you do.

I just want to take this time and thank everyone who has supported me on my journey; having an opportunity to inspire more than 10s of thousands of students each year means the world to me and I can happily say I am living my dream. However, I am far from done, I will continue to provide as much impact & value as possible. Thank you

It Was A Pleasure, Bridge Learning Campus & Orchard School 

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