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Great to see you are back on the best motivational blog in the UK; in this post you will discover how working hard can benefit you, plus how change is essential for success. Sound good? Okay let’s go…

Firstly I remember being in school, at the time I couldn’t understand the importance of education, all I wanted to do was turn the classroom into a crazy place full of fun.

You know the usual stuff, right? Throwing glue sticks at the ceiling so they stick, playing knuckles, play fighting, and of course just being disruptive because I talk tooooooo much. Wayyyyyyyyyy too much.

In the report cards at the end of the year, I would normally receive “Cameron is a lovely kid…BUT he doesn’t know when to shut it” always a BUT right? Haha and the worst thing was being sent out of the classroom to stand by the door until the teacher was free to come out and tell me off.

Those moments were soooo intense, I was praying the head teachers didn’t walk down the hall, because I knew the punishment would be a lot more serious, anyways I digress.

I deserved it though, looking back now I was selfish, stopping other people receiving an education. Plus the time I would have saved if I just focused to begin with, but I guess I learnt and now I pass that message onto thousands of students across the UK.

But once I left school, as most of you know, I got into some sticky situations and wasn’t on the right path (story For Another Day) but eventually I turned it around.

I know to achieve anything worth having takes hard work, like, serious hard work. Even if you are already ‘naturally’ good at something, you should and need to work as hard as you can.

You may be thinking, why?

The magical answer to that great question is…wait for it…because by grinding hard you develop characteristics that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It isn’t always about what you get in life or the grades you receive, what is more important is the person you become.

So remember;

 Working Hard = Developing Your Character 

One thing people will buy into at a job interview, business pitch, on a date, you name it, is an individual with character. This doesn’t mean you need to be a rah rah type of person or someone who works 24/7, all I’m asking is for you to be you and put in 100% effort.

Secondly I want to discuss change. We need to be aware that change will happen simultaneously when we grow our character and become more established with who we are and what we believe. Therefore we need to embrace change instead of fighting it, because without it there won’t be much chance of receiving success if you stay the same.

I am a prime example; remember, I used to get shouted at for talking in class and now I get paid for it. Crazy how things work, but if I didn’t accept change or challenge myself to become better everyday then I would still be out causing trouble now.

Food for thought my friend; if you need some motivation to get up and go then you need to hit the link here and download this little Ebook —–> Light Your Hunger Guide

Keep grinding people…success is waiting, go and get it!

I Used To Get Shouted At For Talking In Class and Now I get Paid For It

I Used To Get Shouted At For Talking In Class and Now I get Paid For It

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