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Had a special time at Broadland Academy on Tuesday; they are apart of the Academies Enterprise Trust organisation in the UK.

Earlier in the year Broadland Academy were searching for a school speaker to inspire their year 10s and 11s in a school assembly, therefore after a recommendation from a member of staff at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College they invited me in. Click here to read more about the day —–> Broadland Academy Blog

The day was a huge success; so without hesitation Broadland Academy signed up to my school motivational speaking package. So what does my school speaker package entail? Inspiring each year group twice a year, touching on a wide range of different topics. Each year group receives a tailored motivatiMotivation in school, Cameron Parker inspiring the UKonal talk, ultimately inspiring and providing unique strategies that can benefit the students and guide them through the school process.

I had a blast, members of staff were extremely kind looking after me and the students were very polite and enthusiastic, all round amazing school and I can’t wait to go back to the Academy for round 3.

Some feedback from the students via Instagram –

“Thank you for today, you have changed my thoughts about school and I’m sure you have made your Grandmother Proud”

“You were so inspirational, true idol”

I love receiving feedback from my school speaking; I understand I will not motivate and change everybody but if I can help a small handful of students then I have done my job.

P.S Here ls the testimonial I received from Broadland Academy earlier in the year –

Cameron Parker providing inspiration for year 7,8,9,10 & 11 in schools “Cameron came to our Academy recommended and we were not disappointed. The students were focused from the moment he started talking and he kept their attention throughout an early morning extended assembly; no mean feat! He managed to inspire and motivate without condescending or patronising them. The students related to him as they recognised and understood the difficulties and issues he had faced in his life. By being so honest and real, his positive message really hit home. Ripples of his philosophy were being heard in the Academy for days afterwards with members of staff commenting on how they were still hearing the students discussing his words and message. It was a talk not forgotten. I fully recommend him and hope Cameron is a regular visitor to the Academy!”

If you’re searching for a school speaker to inspire, adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at

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