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A part of my service I deliver is to not only provide inspiration and knowledge that leaves an impact from my perspective but also hear opinions of high achievers in different fields. My wish is that the content I release will inspire people; specifically the young adults within schools. Therefore I present to you a workout video and interview of Boise State Bronco Elliot Hoyte.

Elliot Hoyte was born and raised in the UK; excelling through the school system achieving huge success in his GCSEs whilst developing as a phenomenal standout athlete. I met Elliot whilst playing American football on the same team in Bristol England and eventually we both progressed to become starters for the Great Britain Lions squad.

Elliot said to me at the age of 16 that he will get a full scholarship to a top university in America, he was convinced. Many people believed it wasn’t possible, to be honest I even had my doubts. But after working hard heCameron Parker & Elliot Hoyte playing in Serbia for Great Britain Lions turned his dream into reality and received a scholarship to Boise State University; the university is unbelievable, I recommend googling it. Elliot Hoyte has a huge contribution on the American football team, playing in front of close to 40,000 people and the games are on ESPN.

The big question is, can Elliot Hoyte make it to the NFL?

I believe it is possible but you better believe Elliot Hoyte is not just one dimensional; here is what he told me on –

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Anyways I digress here is what Elliot said –

“Imagine how hard you think playing division 1 football is both mentally and physically. Times that by 10 and you’ll be somewhere near the real expectation. The journey to get to where I was seemed long and hard at the time, and while quite an achievement in itself it has only gotten harder. You have to do things others won’t to live how others don’t, one of my favorite quotes is “at first they ask why you do it, then they’ll ask how you did it” The monotony of doing the same things over and over again break many, but those who stick at it prosper. Balancing football with a full time degree is no easy task. When you’re tired from practice the last thing you want to do is study. But you should always remember as a student athlete that one day football will be over, and your education will be what defines you in the world of work.”

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