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Pleasantly warm star lit night, sat on top of my friends accommodation roof, overseeing the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles with three of my closest friends I consider brothers, it was a perfect setting for what was about to happen next.Cameron Parker, LA, Motivational Speaker in the USA

Firstly being from the UK I haven’t seen many skylines, therefore seeing downtown LA beautifully lit up at night was breathtaking. It was the last night of our trip so we all decided to go and relax on top of the roof.

After listening to some music, everyone was dead silent deep in thought. I’m not too sure how or why it happened but out of nowhere we all got into a deep discussion about life. We all opened up about the past, how far we have come and the places we want to go and things we want to achieve. It was one of the most emotionally inspiring conversations I have been apart of
and one of the highlights Cameron Parker Motivational Speaker Visits the USA, Cameron Parkerof my trip.

There isn’t a main reason behind this blog or a specific point I wanted to make, it’s something I wanted to share as it still has a positive impact on me today even though it was 10 months ago. I would love to hear whether
you have any similar experiences, this is a prime example that money can’t buy you everything.

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and remember ONLY THE HUNGRIEST SUCCEED!

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