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So let me ask you, are you a motivational speaker skeptic? If you answered YES, then to be honest I don’t blame you. There are many people who claim to be motivational speakers and even if they do a little speaking from ‘time to time’ you have every right to question the value they provide.

I don’t really like the term ‘Motivational Speaker’ but without it I probably wouldn’t get booked.

Most people are skeptical however; as the majority of you probably know, students in year 10 & 11 are extremely skeptical and the message from a year 11 student below proves my point:

“I was at Wadebridge today in the first section and I just want to say I was a bit of a skeptic about this whole motivation thing but I think after today I’ll put in those extra hours to up my grade. Thanks!”

When I did the Prison talk last month, I was told the prisoners think that, and I quote, ‘someone is going to stand up in front of them for an hour and be full of rubbish and patronise them the whole time’.

I get it and because of my understanding I have the complete opposite response. Not to blow my own trumpet of course, but there is a reason I have received over a thousand messages in 6 months from students who benefited heavily from my motivational service and why there was a cue of people at the prison waiting to talk to me.

I believe it’s down to this; when I started to focus on providing as much value as I possibly could, things changed for me. The feedback I was receiving, the thank you messages, the bookings, the rebooking, people spreading my work without me even asking, it was all happening for me and now it’s time to prove the sceptics wrong.

My goal is to provide a lasting impact; not only increasing motivational levels but also maintaining them and this truly comes from a place of care, wanting the best for the individuals who I have an opportunity to talk to.

Therefore to conclude this random blog; if you’re a ‘motivational speaker skeptic’ just look more into the speaker, see what others are saying, see if there heart is in the right place and of course see if they’re powerful in their approach because let’s be honest to help your students we first need to get their attention!

And for any speakers reading this post; people will sniff you out if you are only doing it for personal gain and not truly being yourself! Therefore be honest, be genuine but most importantly be real, things will change for you once you do!

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Are You A Motivational Speaker Skeptic? With Cameron ParkerAre You A Motivational Speaker Skeptic?

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