Success | Alex Fodor & Cameron Parker – At the end of April when I was traveling from Scunthorpe to Birmingham we made a pit stop at ‘Iron Athlete Gym’ in Rotherham because I had the opportunity to catch up with the successful Alexander Fodor, aka the SleepyPowerLifter. Fortunately we managed to film the whole thing and we squeezed in a quick interview too. Therefore before I continue watch the video below, it’s a must see…

I first met Alex at the Great Britain Lions American football training camp around 7 years ago. From the get go we connected; especially as we was playing a similar position but ever since then we have stayed friends, following each others progress throughout the years.

In that time I have seen Alex compete on the stage a couple times as a natural bodybuilder; looking incredible and showing people what hard work looks like. He then took the transition over to powerlifting and I had the opportunity to see him deadlift 260kg, which is phenomenal and I am not quick to give out credit but give credit when credit is due, especially as he stands at 78kg.

With that said what makes Alex stand out from other powerlifters I have seen is that he still has the physique where he could go back into bodybuilding, maintaining the muscle and look that is essential for it. Plus he is an athlete, did you see the back flip? But if you want to follow Alex, hit him up on Instagram here – @thesleepypowerlifter

If you are knew to the website, feel free to check out the rest of the motivational videos I have inspiring all around the UK. My goal for this is to bring my fan base in contact with successful people from different industries, it is important to always learn and grow. And if you haven’t be sure to get me on my social medias too – @CamParkerHUD and remember, Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and remember Only The Hungriest Succeed!

Success | Alex Fodor & Cameron Parker

Success | Alex Fodor & Cameron Parker

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