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BBC Behind The Scenes – Motivational Speaker UK – Ten years ago I sat on my Grandmother’s sofa; I remember it vividly, after she had made my food and washed up, she would sit on the opposite sofa. Elevating her feet over the arm of the chair, she lined herself up with the TV. The routine began with watching the news then indulging in the daily soaps (For the record, I never watched the soaps!) at that moment I never thought I would be on BBC News, especially not for something positive! Before I continue watch my ‘behind the scenes’ with the BBC below:

It’s crazy to think I’ve been given the opportunity to be on prime time news. If my Grandmother was still alive I know she would have tuned in, I hope she would be proud of it, especially with all the negative drama that is currently going on in the world.

I didn’t just want the BBC video; I wanted to film behind the scenes so people can see another side of what we do. This also allows for people to see the real me; as you can see I am not always serious, it’s okay to have fun and enjoy the process even when things get tough.

When people have a better idea of the work I am doing, not just the time I spend in their school, then hopefully that will inspire others to continue to push forward as well.

This was my TV debut; I honestly believe this will be the first of many. In fact now I have a goal and dream to have my own show based around my motivational work. Far-fetched? Who knows, but for now I will continue to motivate and help impact as many people as I can.

With that said, I couldn’t do this without you guys; for that reason I am forever grateful. I have just received the video file from the BBC and I will endeavor to put the clip on my website over the next 14 days.

For now; if you want to contact me, then email me personally on and keep inspiring.  

Cameron Parker - The Elite Motivator

BBC Behind The Scenes – Motivational Speaker UK

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