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3 Exam Keys – We are on number 10, can you believe it? It’s no secret that the exams are rapidly approaching; therefore moving forward, if you can dominate in the key areas that follow you will start feeling more energized and confident fairly quickly. Before I continue watch the exam motivational video below:

I hope you enjoyed the video, now it is time to get into the written side. Let’s begin with the thing most people roll their eyes at – exercise. Yes exercise; but don’t get this confused, I am not asking you to be a gym freak, all I am asking is you start moving more, even if that means just walking!

My challenge to you is to try and do 30-60 minutes of exercise 4 – 5 days a week! Some of you are already doing this, if so great, if not try to implement it into your routine. This will not only help you physically but also mentally and we want you to be feeling great when the exams are here. Examples of exercise could be anything from walking, running, sports at school or the gym, but to be honest there are many things you can do, just remember: 30 – 60 minutes 4 – 5 times a week.

The second key factor is your nutrition – I can literally spend days on this topic. So to keep it simple: you need to drink plenty of water, always have a bottle with you, this will support you in more ways than you can imagine, drink, drink and drink more water! Not energy drinks. Energy drinks will only result in doing the opposite to what you originally wanted them for in the first place.

In regards to food, we all have a rough idea what foods are good and what foods are bad, just try to stay away from junk food. You are here, so that tells me you want to perform at your absolute best, so control your eating habits. You don’t need to stop everything all together but please remember: moderation.

Finally, the third factor is sleep, this tends to be popular! If so that is great because it is extremely important. There’s a lot of research into this; I am not an expert by any means but I understand people need different amounts of time to sleep, especially to operate at their best. But just to be safe, I recommend you try to get a minimum of 8 hours a night, turn off all devices before you go to bed and actually use the time to unwind.

I go into a huge amount of detail on these topics in the ‘Dreams To Reality Academy’ which will be released soon. In the academy, if you’re serious, you can work with me more closely. I digress, if you conquer these 3 key factors then you will be well on your way, my friend.

Remember: you can’t have excuses and results at the same time, one or the other? You choose. Start NOW!

3 Exam Keys - Exam Motivation

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3 Exam Keys 

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