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3 Birds 1 Stone – Motivational Speaking Impact – Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to inspire at ‘The Warriner School’; the session was fairly small with around 20 year 9s and year 10 students. Before we continue with this post, here is a tweet I received from the teacher who was present in the motivational session:

“Just had a thank you email from a parent as her son’s just gone home talking it, fab stuff! Thank you”

The motivational workshop was heavily based around raising aspirations; I touched on the future, and why it is important for the students to have a dream. We achieved this through a series of activities; ultimately focusing on where they are currently at with their behaviour and mindset, then we developed a plan on how they can mo3 Birds 1 Stone - Motivational Speaking Impactve forward in the right direction.

Moving forward can be extremely difficult and overwhelming at times; that is why we break down their large dreams into small achievable steps. Goal-Setting is the best formula which allows them to have an actual action plan to work with and implement in their everyday life.

There is no question the motivational sessions work; you can see the impact for yourself with all the student messages and teacher feedback. However it is always an incredible feeling knowing you have made a positive impact on students, teachers and parents, as I like to call it ‘3 Birds 1 Stone’.

I love when I receive messages from parents; it is a great indicator that my motivational session worked, because the students liked it so much they went home to tell the parents all about it. From my experience having parents on our side makes everything so much easier, that is half the battle.

Anyways; that is a wrap for this blog ‘3 Birds 1 Stone” if you would like to book me for an up and coming event then please email me personally on and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

3 Birds 1 Stone – Motivational Speaking Impact

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