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Youth Motivational Speaker – Welcome back to my motivational blog section guys; this is just a quick follow on from last week’s news blog. I had the opportunity to run a motivational speech and workshop at Nova Hreod Academy in Swindon. The motivational sessions went extremely well and I received many student messages after, thanking me.

On top of that I loved every minute I spent at the school; staff and students are amazing and I can’t wait to work with the same bunch of students again soon.

Earlier this week I received an email from a teacher who organised my motivational speeches; she asked students what they thought about my motivational talks. Below are some of the messages the teacher sent me:

“The motivation assembly we had today was probably the best assembly I have taken part in – Ever! Cameron was incredibly funny and honest.  He took great care to make us feel comfortable and he was interesting.  The hour went quickly and I wished It could have been longer.  He was confident and clearly passionate about his job and his life story was really touching.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the assembly.  It’s because he has changed my view on school and such.  In the future I hope the school can do something like this again.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop it was very funny and interactive.  It was also very relatable and interesting”

Youth Motivational Speaker Impact - Cameron Parker

“I think it was very inspiring.”

“It made me think about my future and it was very funny.”

Messages like that are the reasons why I decided to become a youth motivational speaker in the first place. I have an opportunity to change lives every time I step on stage, and that feeling is incredible. I’m excited to continue my work as a youth motivational speaker across the UK.

Anyways my friend, there you have it, I told you this blog was going to be short. However for daily motivation follow me on all my social medias and for bookings email me personally on and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Youth Motivational Speaker

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