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Broadland Academy And Yate International Academy – Before I begin this post; let me share with you a message I received on social media from a Broadland Academy student –

“So much respect for what you do! Seeing as you haven’t had the best childhood yourself, it is inspirational. You bring out the positive in someones life when they’re unable to see it themselves”

I inspired year 7 to year 10 at Broadland Academy in Keynsham. It is starting to feel like home at Broadland Academy, this was my fourth visit to the school. I always feel extremely looked after and I love visiting because staff and students are amazing. Cameron Parker workshops in Bath

This was my first time speaking to the year 7 at Broadland; therefore I touched on my experience, discussed the importance of hard work and how the outcome of the next 5 years is in their hands. The sessions was really successful, lots of laughs and cheers but most importantly the message was well-received.

Because I have previously ran ‘The Elite Academy’, I decided to run motivational activities in the hall with the year 8s to 10s. The activities was based around communication, leadership and team work, it is aimed to get the studSchools Motivational speaker cameron Parkerents out of their comfort zones, especially as year 10 will have their work experiences coming up.

Broadland Academy shared the experience on their twitter and said “On Wednesday, our year 7 – 10 students enjoyed the interactive motivational exercises and talks that @CamParkerHUD organised for them. Thanks Cameron”


I also ran a 2 hour motivational workshop with a selected group of year 11 students at Yate International Academy. I have previously worked with these students and I will continue working with them leading up to the exams, ensuring they are on the right track and prepared to succeed within their GCSEs.

I believe my content and motivational services can help any school overcome the obstacles and challenges they are facing. If you are looking for lasting impact & value then email me personally on


Workshops at Broadland Academy And Yate International AcademyWorkshops at Broadland Academy And Yate International Academy

Broadland Academy And Yate International Academy

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