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Unrealistic School Speaker – You are probably thinking unrealistic school speaker, what does that even mean? To be fair, I just needed a title for this motivational video and blog but believe me it is relevant. To find out why, check out the motivational video below:

Hope you enjoyed the motivational video above, in all honesty I have been holding on to this video for a while, not sure why, but it’s never too late to post it right? Especially when the only thing that has changed is my hair haha Anyways I digress.

I was inspiring on behalf of Study Higher In the ‘unrealistic school speaker’ video above, and we had the opportunity to run motivational sessions at UTC Swindon and Lawn Manor School.

The two sessions were incredible; the engagement and enthusiasm from all the students was second to none and I enjoyed my experiences at both schools. In the motivational talks I touched on increasing and maintaining motivational levels, aspirations and self-belief.

However the topics I discussed in the motivational video was slightly different; I touched on unrealistic dreams and the ‘HOW’ in the goal setting process. I believe the ‘HOW’ is what makes a big dream realistic or unrealistic.

I am fully aware there are many more variables to making a dream happen; I specialise in this stuff, however in the video above I discuss the notion of the ‘HOW’.

How can I achieve this? Once you understand the work that is required then you can decide whether you are willing to dedicate your life and put in the hard work to actually make that dream happen. If you are not, then consider altering the goal, however if you think you can stick to it then work your hardest to make it happen.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the motivational video above – ‘Unrealistic School Speaker’ I have much more motivational content coming soon. Therefore make sure you keep your eyes peeled; follow me on all my social medias and stay tuned. For all bookings email me personally on

Unrealistic School Speaker - Cameron Parker

Unrealistic School Speaker

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