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Practice Exam Papers – Practice, practice and practice, yes that is right, you’ve probably guessed what the next exam motivational video is all about. However before I continue, watch the next motivational video below:

There you have it; practice is absolutely crucial, especially if you want your GCSEs to be a huge success. Practicing and creating the exam environment will support you for when you enter the exam hall to undergo your final exams. Dependent on how often you practice; it will almost become second nature, resulting in not spooking yourself out and forgetting everything you worked so hard for.

Follow this simple approach, and you will reduce stress, pressure and build confidence, especially if you begin to answer the practice papers correctly. A great example of this is when I first started motivational speaking; the majority of you are fully aware I am not a natural speaker, I am also heavily dyslexic (As you can probably tell reading this motivational blog), therefore speaking in front of a crowd wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

However I had a deep desire to become a motivational speaker; helping and inspiring people around the world, so instead of walking away from my big dream because I was scared, I decided to face my fear head on. I started practicing everywhere I went, I started working on my vocabulary and I use to go to empty class rooms at University West of England to practice.

When I was practicing I use to visualise the crowd and the pressures that comes when talking in front of people. By undergoing this simple activity I believed I would be more than ready to deliver an excellent motivational speech. In all honesty it wasn’t an overnight success; it really took years and years of practice and preparation.

But now you are probably thinking I don’t have years and years, my exams are rapidly approaching. That is correct, but the principle still applies, practice as much as you can my friend. Practice everything ranging from the work you are doing all the way to putting a timer in front of you, so you can actually see the clock moving, I am sweating just thinking about it haha

All jokes aside, I believe in you, I wouldn’t have created these exam motivational videos if I didn’t. But what you need to do is stop ignoring this advice and actually implement it into your routine and you will be more than ready for when the exam season is finally here.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the ‘Practice Exam Papers – Exam Motivation’ video above, if you haven’t already be sure to follow me on all my social medias for daily motivation and for all bookings email me personally on

Practice Exam Papers - Exam MotivationPractice Exam Papers

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