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University Freshers Welcome Talk – Freshers week; thousands of students arrive at the University ready to embark on their new educational journey at University. For many of the students; this is the first time living away from home, it is a huge step, however it is an exciting one with many possibilities.

With that said many problems can occur, and with the right information these problems can be avoided. That is why it is essential for Universities to deliver a powerful welcome talk, covering the basic information, including things that can help shape the student’s mindsets moving forward to ensure their stay at the University is a successful one.

All sounds great; however, this can go terribly wrong, depending on who is delivering the welcome talks. It may not come across as powerful If an employee of the University delivered the sessions, from our experience and feedback it is so much more effective when an external speaker delivers the welcomes talks.

That is where the UK’s number one motivational speaker Cameron Parker comes into this equation; Cameron inspires close to 100,000 people every year, the impact and value he delivers is second to none.

Earlier in the month Cameron had the opportunity to deliver the welcomes talks on behalf of the University West of England, and the student’s response has been incredible. Here are two student messages Cameron received:

“Cameron did a great job with this welcome talk and he made sure to deliver – to remind us students of our purpose for being at UWE and some pointers on to not get distracted along the way. “No Regrets” he energetically started by lightening up the room and caught our attention. Cameron was inspirational and him improvising with his equipment and still giving an amazing speech, gave an example about handling situations top results in successful outcome. I found it interesting how he kept the room lively, energetic and positive. Just what we needed before we start this journey.”

“You had a great presentation at UWE my man, thank you!”

There you have it; if you are looking for an external service or speaker to deliver your welcome talks to the freshers at your university then look no further. Cameron is your man and can deliver exactly what you are looking for; therefore if you would like to book Cameron, email us now on and a member of our team will be in touch. Please be aware that Cameron’s schedule gets filled up very quickly.

Speak to you soon and until next time keep up the incredible work.

University Freshers Welcome Talk

University Freshers Welcome Talk

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