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Increasing Motivational Impact Across the UK – Spreading motivational impact is what motivational speaker Cameron Parker aims to do; the delivery has been extremely successful in schools around the UK, with thousands of students messages personally thanking Cameron for his motivational work, here is a recent student message Cameron received on social media from a student:

“From when you came top our school that time and made the wonderful speech it has really helped me to not give up in life and to keep pushing myself and to achieve what I have achieved today from all your social media and your inspirational words it has allowed me to get into the army and do what I do and travel the world and that’s all thanks to you”

Incredible response; messages like this reinforce the importance of the work Cameron is delivering in schools across the UK. The student who sent this message is a former student from Haven High Academy in Boston Lincolnshire. Cameron has visited the school 5 times over the last 15 months; in that time Cameron has delivered motivational assemblies and workshops including the delivery of incredible motivational content through his social media, and in the case of this student, it has benefited them massively.

Therefore if you are searching for motivational impact and value in your school inviting Cameron Parker in to deliver his motivational services is a must; Cameron has been labelled one of the best in the industry, and the impact he delivers is second to none. Therefore for bookings email us at  and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. Please be aware that Cameron’s schedule is rapidly filling up, therefore if you have any questions or for bookings do not hesitate to contact us. Until then, keep up the great work and keep on inspiring.

Increasing Motivational Impact Across the UK

Increasing Motivational Impact Across the UK

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