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Success starts with responsibility – Do you want to start experiencing results you could only once have dreamt of? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Success begins with taking responsibility for your life.

Before I begin you need to watch my short inspirational message below:

After watching the video you will have discovered that taking responsibility for one’s life is essential and ultimately success starts with responsibility!

If you want:

  • Amazing grades in education
  • Your dream job
  • Happy relationships
  • Feel & look great through health and fitness

Whatever it may be, the list can go on & on… but one thing remains the same; you must take full responsibility for your life!

That is why I say success starts with responsibility; once we understand we are in charge of our lives and in control of how we react to situations and people around us then we can start to progress in the right direction, to ensure we can achieve our goals and dreams.Success Starts With Responsibility - Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

I remember I would never take full responsibility for something; I would blame everyone else and just make up excuses over and over again; it was never my fault. However once I got a little older I realized excuses wouldn’t help me; they weren’t going to pay my bills. That was a reality check I sorely needed.

Of course when I am arguing with my fiancé, I am always right and it is never my fault, this will never change, so okay, perhaps I still need to work on some aspects of personal responsibility haha.

But all jokes aside, taking responsibility is an ongoing process, but if you haven’t had that reality check yet then I hope the inspirational message above will support you on your mission. If you decide to act and take charge of your life right now then you might not need to experience the often harsh circumstances that pave the way to a brutal reality check.

I discuss setting goals a lot; yesterday I spent the day with Life Media UK filming for my “Goal-Setting for Students” and “Goal-Setting for Dream Chasers” programmes.

It is important to note that any school signed up to my Elite Academy and #TeamHUD for Hungry.Under.Dogs will receive the programmes for free, but they will be sold separately and available to anyone who is serious about taking their lives to the next level.

Finally, thank you to everyone for supporting me; if you have found this video helpful then please share with your friends and family, I truly appreciate the support you show me.

Teachers: If you want to book me in for an inspirational session then email me personally on

Success Starts With Responsibility - Cameron Parker


Success Starts With Responsibility

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