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Relatability Equals Results – How important is relatability in schools? There are many sides to this question; however I believe it is essential, especially for me. Teachers who are looking for guaranteed impact & value do not only book me on my results, they also know my style and approach is relatable to students, which ensures my motivational work has a lasting affect.

One key message that keeps appearing when having discussions with the kids is relatability, for example, here is a message I received last week after a talk in Gloucester:

“You’re so motivational. I have down days all the time and just to see you have had similar problems to me and then for you too be where you are today, it’s insane, it inspired me so much. It was like you were speaking just to me if you get me?”

Relatability Equals Results - UK Motivational Speaker

I have hundreds of similar messages to this and it is refreshing to know that my motivational work is having an impact. I am relatable to the students; I spend a lot of time studying the younger generation, the biggest help is that I am still young myself, instantly having a connection with the students.

I touch on my real life experiences, external examples, and break through ideas to communicate my message across. I am not only here to inspire the students for 60 minutes; my goal is to create longevity which is essentially maintaining motivational levels for the students.

Still receiving positive messages months after a session is testament to everything I have mentioned within this post. This isn’t a case of throwing out false accusations; I have messages to prove every word I am saying. Believe me, I am coming from a modest place, if you read this blog and feel your students need something a little different, then I am your man, I just want to help as many people as I can.

I understand students struggle to look past the professional clothing and the teacher talk, that is where I come in; many factors result in the success of my motivational sessions but relatability is without a doubt a key element.

My schedule is filling up; if you want to invite me to run a motivational session within your school then email me personally on

Cameron Parker - Relatability Equals Results

Relatability Equals Results

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