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The last couple of weeks have been really busy, travelling all over the UK. I have ran a 1 hour motivational session with the year 11s at Hardenhuish School in Wiltshire.

I spent 4 hours working with the years 7s at The King Alfreds School in Highbridge, working on raising aspirations, team work and goal-setting. Then I had the opportunity to inspire and hand out awards at Ercall Wood Technology College in Telford.

Motivational Speaker - Wiltshire, Somerset, Telford Results - Cameron ParkerOnce again I received a huge amount of messages on social media; it is amazing to know the work I am delivering is having an impact, here are some of the messages I received:

“Your speech today was very inspirational thanks for using your time to come and talk to us”

“Thank you for coming to King Alfreds today it was amazing seeing you”

“I really liked how enthusiastic and real you were with us, and how you spoke to us like adults as if we’re on the same level, I was really inspired, and thank you for sharing your story”

“You came to my school today. You were really nice and you made me laugh quite a lot. And I learnt a lot and you have made me want to put the extra effort in to get the grades I can achieve. I just want to say thank you so much you were amazing”

“You were incredible! Thank you so much!”

“Was an amazing assembly, definitely best part of the day not going to lie. Thank you very much”

“Really enjoyed it thanks for coming, it was really motivational”

“You came to my school today, your talk was really good and was funny I learn quite a bit from it”

If you want to experience similar results at your school then please email me personally on

P.S – Here is a message I just received from a student studying at Hans Price Academy, I spoke there a month ago and my work is still having an impact.

“When you came to Hans Price Academy I was a slacker. But now I try after the thing you said about your GCSEs, I didn’t want that so I tried and it has worked. I have also¬†tried writing a list of things you need to do and that has worked. Thank you, I have improved myself.”

Motivational Speaker - Wiltshire, Somerset, Telford Results

Motivational Speaker – Wiltshire, Somerset, Telford Results

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