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“HELP, my students are low on aspiration.” I constantly hear this statement coming from teachers’ mouths. But I agree; I have worked with thousands of students from schools all around the UK and students having low aspirations is a huge problem.

Before I continue talking about the importance of raising aspirations; here is my latest video, inspiring at the ‘Raising Aspirations’ event in Bristol –

Raising aspirations in schools can be extremely difficult; why? Because it takes time, especially as it is a challenge creating content that can have a lasting impact on the students. Another example why it is difficult to overcome this obstacle within schools is because this topic I believe can be much more effective being delivered from an external speaker and schools are not willing to invest in rectifying this problem.

Most schools won’t take action but if you are taking time to read this whole blog that is telling me you are serious not just curious about improving your students lives, so email me personally right this second, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW! Email –

I personally believe low aspirations effects results within schools; how do I know? Because I have LIVED IT! When I believed there were no opportunities out in the big bad world and was unsure of the future with no sense of direction, I had a “what’s the point attitude” and stopped working hard in school, my 4 GCSEs is a prime example of that.

I have created breakthrough in-depth content that no other school speaker is offering, therefore if you want to overcome this obstacle within your school, once again I can’t emphasis enough that you MUST contact me

I’m confident you will make the right decision; until next time…stay Hungry, stay Humble and remember Only The Hungriest Succeed!

P.S. Here is a testimonial from Adam Williams, Head teacher of Bath Community Academy – Cameron speaks their language and can communicate exquisitely in a way that compels the listener to personally apply lessons from his life to their own context. As a young speaker Cameron brings a clarity of thought rarely seen and I highly recommend him.

Raising Aspirations – School Speaker – Cameron Parker

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