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Stress, stress and even more stress is the common response I receive within my year 11 motivational workshops. Whether it be the high expectations that are set, the pushy parents or the uncertainty of their future – I can help. At this time in their lives the results of the aforementioned can be catastrophic.

Before you continue reading it’s essential you watch the video below and share with your year 11s:

Yes this isn’t the most feel good motivational video you might expect but the message is a strong one and my experience tells me that implementing this mindset carries tremendous benefits.

The ‘progress not perfection’ response came from a question I received within a motivational workshop. The topic of the question I was asked was around the idea of balance; as many students may have other commitments that take up a huge amount of time and they feel there is an unnecessary pressure on them to be ‘perfect’ which is having a reverse effect on their productivity.

Therefore the philosophy to stop looking for perfection and just focus on progress reduces pressure for them. The goal will be to try and become a little better everyday, pushing a little more, then eventually the small steps will add up into something big, putting them in a better position to succeed for when the exams arrive. This is just one small principle I try to share.

In my motivational workshops I apply many strategies that can benefit the students, here are some of the most recent messages I have received:

“Loved the session! Really taught me how to manage my time, thank you”

“Today your speech was absolutely amazing. I certainly got inspired by you; this is helpful as most nights I think to myself that I will just do my revision another night and it will be fine. But thinking back to what you said today made me think that I only have limited amount of time and to actually do some work. Your work is truly amazing”

There you have it! Remember: “progress not perfection” please share this concept with your students. However if you are looking for the ultimate impact, then it is important for you to contact me immediately.

My diary is rapidly filling up so email me personally on

I look forward to making it happen.

Progress Not Perfection - Motivational Video

Progress Not Perfection – Motivational Workshop

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