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Motivational Speaking Results – Last week I Inspired in: Yate International Academy, The Pingle School and St Thomas Of Canterbury Catholic Primary School.

Here are some of the messages I received after my motivational sessions:

“Really good talk today at YIA, thanks for coming in”

“You personally touched me at heart in a way to carry on. I have had troubles with my family and mental health and recently I’ve been planning to give up, in a way that I won’t be in anyone’s way and everything won’t be able to affect me no more…your speech has made an open gate and a new path for my future. I’m going to try get my grades up again as they have slipped. Thank you so much! You’ve inspired me, keep going!”

“I found your talk today was really inspiring and it made me think that I shouldn’t be naughty in school and that I need to concentrate more, so thank you”

“Your speech today was amazing and it inspired me! Thank you!”
Motivational Speaking Results

“Your speech at YIA was amazing! Made me realise that school is the best opportunity I have to be successful, thank you!”

“Seen you at my school today, you have gave me lots of inspiration and I will listen a lot more in class now”

“Your talk today was inspiring, really got me in the right mindset to get it going”

“Hey man I was is in the assembly today and thank you for inspiring me, couldn’t thank you enough”

“Second time watching one of your talks and honestly they are the best thing ever”

“Your talk today was so inspirational. I’m going to admit in year 7 & 8 I was clever but I’ve changed due to outside of school groups and the people I’ve mixed/ grew up with and some of them have realised how important it is now and after your talk I have too. So thank you so much.”

Student Messages - Cameron Parker - Elite Motivator

Motivational Speaking Results

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