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Powerful Student Statement – This is what success looks like for me:

“Hello I felt that this must be said so I’m ever so sorry for any bother but I must.
Before my trip to BGU Lincoln I was worrying about how I would deal with the experience I would endure at a university summer camp and how it would affect the decisions I might make in the future. But I was wrong, it was not the trip that inspired me but the motivational speaker that I spoke to whilst there. I heard your story and I felt your story, you made me not only want to believe in my future but the times at hand to. You took one look at a drawing I had done and toldCameron Parker - Powerful Student Testimonial me you could relate, that alone was enough to make me see I’m not alone in the hardships of life and when my dream to live in the city of Tokyo instead of this small town felt too far fetched you made me feel as if it came within my reach as you told me to got for it so now I honestly say with all of my heart that you truly did motivate me and for that I thank you. Please never stop reaching out to us because although we may not know it we need you.”

Having a vision, chasing a dream and being self-employed can be extremely difficult. There are easier paths I could have followed, but my passion is inspiring, motivating and supporting people through their lives.

When I receive testimonials like this it makes the hardships worth it. I love speaking to the students after my motivational sessions to see the impact it has had on them. I have something I feel every young person in the UK needs to hear and I will continue to push my message out there.

Thank you to everyone supporting my vision and thank you to all the schools who have signed up to ‘The Elite Academy‘. The Elite Academy is designed to provide a lasting impact in your school. This statement is not taken lightly, and the amount of value you receive when you sign-up is second to none.

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Powerful Student Testimonial for Motivational Speaker

Powerful Student Statement 

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