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Motivational Speaking Peterborough – On Monday I had the opportunity to run a motivational assembly to the year 10s and year 11s at Stanground Academy in Peterborough. Stanground Academy is apart of the Greenwood Academies Trust, and this was my first time working in one of their academies. Before I continue, please take a minute to see the motivational impact from the students after my motivational speeches:

“Very inspiring and made me think a bit about the future that I want to travel around but I still have no idea what I want, but thank you”

“Thanks a lot for your talk today was really helpful and I am already pushing myself a lot harder in class”

“Yo thanks for the talk today at Stanground I’m in year 11, I don’t get good grades mostly because I have Dyslexia and give up fast but I’m going put my work in for the next 9 weeks”

“Very inspirational today at Stanground Academy! Thank you”

“Thank you Cam, you really made me think”

‘Take Your Place’ created this opportunity; I have worked with ‘Take Your Place’ on many occasions now over the last month and I enjoy working with this organization especially as they have a very similar vision to me.

This will be the start of many motivational sessions in Peterborough; we have already started discussing running motivational assemblies in different schools and college there, so I am very excited to make this happen.

My focus is to always provide as much impact and value as I can; with that mission, I don’t believe you can go far wrong, and I am looking forward to continuing my work in schools across the UK.

With that said my diary is rapidly filling up; if you would like to book me in for a motivational assembly or motivational workshop in your school then email me personally on and I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you.

Motivational Speaking Peterborough

Motivational Speaking Peterborough

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