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Motivational Speaking Loughborough – Last week I had the opportunity to inspire over 600 students at Rawlins Academy in Loughborough. The feedback was incredible; here are some of the student messages I received via social media:

“I thought that your speech was very motivating and I will work a lot harder than I used to, I am going to try to achieve my goal to become an artist”

“I thought that it was very inspiring and it’s spreading a very positive message saying that you need to concentrate on the tCameron Parkerhings that are important to yourself otherwise it may never happen”

“Cameron your talk was motivational and so fun, we had so much fun when you came to our school, make sure you come back very soon, you’ve motivated me to not only work hard but to have fun. Keep up the good work, it was the highlight of my day”

“It was an amazing motivational speech you have made me have thoughts of becoming a motivational speaker”

“Honestly your talk helped me so much. It made me laugh, it made me think but most importantly it inspired me! So thank you so much, I had been having a rough time lately but I’m feeling better now and that came at just the right time to kick start me back into my fitness and revision. Will 100% be following you on most social medias”

“Thanks for the assembly today, much appreciated as year 11 is a big year and it gave me the boost that I needed”

“It was really good, feeling inspired thanks so much for coming in, that’s what I needed right now as I was stressing a lot”

“You were an inspiration at Rawlins today, thank you”

“Just wanted to say you were really helpful in the assembly today, I think you had big impact on a lot of people”

Motivational Speaking Loughborough

A student message I received a year on:

“Yo, back at my school man, I remember you coming in last year in October and you were brilliant, I still follow you on Insta and Snapchat because you are a great guy and you made me really consider what I wanted to do after year 11 and I achieved it because of people like you. I got to do A levels where I am still at Rawlins. Thanks to people like you motivating me!”

As I was about to do my last session of the day a year 11 teacher was passing the lecture theatre; they entered and asked if I was the motivational speaker, as I replied yes she thanked me for the motivational talk I did for her year 11’s, as she noticed a huge difference in their behaviour and attitude compared to her previous lessons.

I always talk about how it is important for me to provide a large amount of impact and value in the schools I work in. Therefore receiving messages like this are important, as it is a great indication that the motivational sessions are successful. If you would like to book a motivational assembly or motivational workshop then please email me personally on


Motivational Speaking Loughborough

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