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Yesterday I travelled down to Croydon London to inspire the Kinetic Foundation at the amazing Royal Russell School . Kinetic were looking for a motivational speaker to talk about value of training, hard work, and team work from a soccer perspective with an equal emphasis on education, employment and general life skills.

I tailored my talk to meet Kinetics needs and the event was a huge success with amazing feedback.

UKs Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Inspiring tudents at Kinetic Foundation Croydon London

“Meeting the speaker yesterday will be very beneficial to me in the future. Seeing someone with so much passion and drive for what he believes and loves has inspired me to go that extra mile into achieving what it is that I want, not just in football but in life as well. As well as aspiring for success in my football career I want to become a better person and make a difference. Like he’s done to me” – Amadu Waritay (Student)

“Good to have a motivational speech after training by @CamParkerHUD definitely motivated me” – @MarvinAJ_

UKs Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Inspiring tudents at Kinetic Foundation Croydon London

If you’re searching for a motivational speaker to inspire, adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at Plus check out my latest video –

Kinetic is a successful charity; here is some more information about the foundation –

“Kinetic Foundation is focused on helping young people by providing support and activities which develop their skills and capabilities to enable them to participate in, and integrate into, society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

Charitable objects are:

1)   Advance and promote community development through the promotion of volunteering.

2)   Provide young people with facilities, training and opportunities to participate in sport, leisure and volunteer activities.

3)   Advance education of young people by providing the opportunity for them to partake in education, health and vocational related training courses.”

Feel free to check out their website –

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