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Fairfield High School in Bristol, England needed a motivational speaker to start this school year off with a bang. I received an email about their intentions and without hesitation they signed up to the school package I offer (Interested? Email me personally at ), and my first visit was on Thursday. My objective was to inspire the Year 11s and Year 7s in their hour long assemblies.


The day was a huge success, with some amazing feedback from the students and teachers. Teachers approached me after the assemblies and told me that they have had many school speakers but I am hands down the best; many schools fail to realise when they hire me they are making an investment in their students. I believe many motivational speakers attempt to just get the crowd hyped up for an hour; but let’s be honest, that will rub off. My goal is to offer an amazing experience whilst adding extreme value.


Anyway, I digress; if you are still with me, here is a brief overview of what I discussed with the Year 11s & 7s.


I shared my story with the Year 11s and what mistakes I made and the common mistakes many former students make. Emphasizing the importance of GCSEs and reminding them that exams are not far, I provided the students with some tips and shared with them principles that can help them in the future.


The year 7s talk was a blast; it was their first day in secondary school so you can imagine that many of them were nervous. I worked on relaxing them and reassuring them that school is not a daunting place but rather a friendly place to be and learn. I applied techniques that helped the students understand the emotions they are currently feeling plus provided tips and advice for the up and coming 5 years.

If you’re searching for a motivational speaker to inspire, adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at

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