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Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Results – Extremely busy week; motivating students three times at Wiltshire College, their Trowbridge and Salisbury campuses. I then began ‘The Elite Year 11’ program at The Priory City Of Lincoln Academy; I also had the opportunity to hand out awards for their awards evening, and it was amazing to meet the Mayor Of Lincoln. I finished the week off strong at St David’s High School in Chester; great response from students, here are some of the messages I received –

“You were so good today thank you for coming into college to speak to us found it so helpful”

“You honestly made me feel different and made me have a smile on my face”

“Your speech yesterday was so motivational! Should be proud of yourself”

“Your story is amazing and inspiring and it made me think a lot about my own experiences. I’ve had to battle with depression and bereavements and I took the same philosophy you did, the worlds still going to spin no matter what happens, but you’ve got to try your hardest to make an impact. Thank you for your words and thought provoking insights”Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Results

“It wasn’t like any speakers I’ve seen before because you were on your feet which got m attention motor than sitting down staring at a piece of paper plus you weren’t all high and mighty throwing names around and boasting about business”

“Thanks for the talk in Salisbury today, even though I was probably one of the oldest students it was still inspiring”

“Thank you for today at Salisbury college, very inspiring. Really enjoyed listening to you. Keep doing what you are doing, because everyone needs to hear your motivation.”

“Your speech today was amazing and very motivational”

“Amazing speech! Really motivating!”

“Hiya you spoke at my college today; I felt it really helped and I liked the way you spoke about it and let us communicate with others. It’s good to know about everything you spoke about, I feel like I will work harder to achieve what I want”

“Very inspired by the lecture today bro, keep it up. You are helping so many young people”

“I will on the right track; you just added to my motivation to get my qualification and provide more for my son”

“Just wanted to say how great your speech was earlier today, was very inspiring! I certainly didn’t expect it to be as great or as interactive as I thought it would’ve been! It gives people the hope that they can do whatever the hell they want to do regardless of social class, race or sexuality. So very well done there man and all the very best for the future.”

“Yesterday was absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for coming”

“Thanks for the inspiration; you’ve opened up my mind to see more clearly the things I ‘CaN’ do and not the things I ‘cannot’ thanks once again”

“Thank you for coming to Trowbridge college, your talk really motivated me 🙂 So yet again thank you”

“The talk you had with Trowbridge college was amazing; I’m actually going to start paying more attention in college for now on, you have inspired me to do so”

“You’ve inspired us to work hard in Welsh BACC and I’m actually being serious because normally we don’t do it”

This academic year is shaping up to be a great one; if you are searching for guaranteed motivational impact within your school then please do not hesitate to contact me personally on Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon; keep up the great work until then.

Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Results

Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker Results

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