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Big Vision In Schools – The inspiration for this blog came off the back of this message I received from a student who attended a school I recently ran motivational sessions at:

“Your story was inspiring and it helped to motivate me. Also I liked the activities you did like asking what we want in 2 – 10 years and what we don’t want. It got people thinking what I thought was good”

For the sake of this blog I am going to be talking about year 11 students, especially because much of my work involves working with students who are in their final year. It is no secret year 11 students tend to get stressed; they feel pressure and like they are stuck in a rut. They begin to develop a mindset that is no longer productive and struggle to make sense of everything they are doing or working towards.

Therefore, as cliché as it sounds, that is when I get students to start thinking about the bigger picture; things they to do, things they want to have and places they want to go.
My goal is for them to access their imagination. On many occasions, asking them to think in ways they probably have never thought before, or even if they have, they haven’t spent much time on it or made official commitments towards this.

If I can help them to create a great mental picture in their head of what the future could look like, then I will I will bring it back to the present, shine a light on the importance of education, and show that what they are doing can, and will, help them in the future.

Essentially, this process needs to be done, to get them to where they want to get to; and for me this goes a lot deeper than just grades themselves. This is teaching them principles and lessons about life. However, instead of me solely talking about this, the activity has a lot more impact when I deliver it in person and thankfully I still have spaces available for next academic year – not many, but I can still squeeze your school in.

To ensure you don’t miss out on motivational sessions that are full of impact and value, then email me personally on and I will get you booked in.

Big Vision In Schools

Big Vision In Schools

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