On Tuesday the 2nd of June I had the opportunity to inspire Year 9 and year 10 at Sir William Romney School in Tetbury Gloucestershire.

My very good friend Mr Hill a training teacher at Sir William Romneys felt that year 9 & 10 are on track to achieving high GCSEs grades; and wanted a motivational speaker to come in and reassure the students the importance of education and staying focused,

The whole experience was a positive one, I touched on education, hard work, value and opportunity. The inspirational talk was well received with a 1/3 of the students following me on my social media pages for self-help strategies and daily motivation.

It is always a pleasure motivating students close to my home in Bristol and my home city Gloucester, and I can’t wait to inspire more students around the UK.

Motivational Speaker, Cameron Parker, Tetbury, school speaker, Gloucester, Bristol, South West

If you’re searching for a motivational speaker to inspire, adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at cam@cameron-parker.com

Ps. Here are some social media post I received after the motivational assembly –

“Took so much from your talk today. Made me rethink everything, thank you Cameron”

“Really appreciate you coming to our school today Cameron, the best motivational speaker I have seen. Your talk has inspired me to work harder and I’m looking forward to starting year 11 and doing my best in GCSEs”

“Brilliant Talk, made me think about the future”

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