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Create a boss Cameron Parker Motivational Speaker UK Writer

Believe it or not creating your own identity is not common, everybody doesn’t have what it takes to become the best they can be. I named this blog ‘Creating a BOSS’ not because I want you to all become bosses of companies but because I want you to take charge of your own life and become a boss of your own future and growth.

There are negative influences surrounding us with extreme pressure to act in a certain manner. Many of our characteristics and personality traits are shaped from our parents, friends, teachers or whoever may be around you the most. These people may tell you how to act or tell you to follow a particular route that they believe is best for you, this can cause pressure to keep these people around you satisfied.

However, I’m challenging you to take control and create the person you want to be. Just because you have been acting in a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that is who you are or that you need to continue to act in that way. Enjoy the journey of self-improvement; take great pleasure in creating a BOSS!

Be aware that people may start getting uncomfortable around you especially if you are living the life you have chosen for yourself, they may not like it but they will respect it. You have showed the courage to leap into the unknown and create the best version of you!

Need any help taking the leap? Get in contact with me today, email Time to be a BOSS!

Until next time…stay HUNGRY, stay HUMBLE and remember ONLY THE HUNGRIEST SUCCEED!


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