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Schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to run a motivational session in 2 schools across Flintshire.

Cameron spent 3 hours with 110 year 11s at Castell Alun High School delivering a motivational workshop and Cameron also delivered a 1 hour motivational assembly to 100 year 11 students at St David’s High School.

Below are some student messages Cameron received after the motivational day:

“Hi Mate, just wanted to say your talk today was really good and enjoyable”

“I just wanted to say as someone present at your talk this day I greatly appreciate the time you spent with us here, you have gotten me thinking and now I am going to do all I can and a little more to achieve my dreams again, thank you for appearing here at Castell Alun High.”

“Hello Cam I really liked your speech today mate, so glad you do this job it gives people a chance to show who they really are and how they can express them-self in what they want to do.”

On top of that schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker received a message from a Sandwell College student. Cameron inspired at Sandwell College last year; this specific student benefited massively by Cameron’s motivational speech and really wanted Cameron to come back.

“Okay! I know last year (academic) you done it for English groups because I was in it. And I took your advice, and your message got to me, I worked hard and studied, got a B (6) in English and a distinction in my course. I’m doing my last year, and I just need a bit of that motivation again.”

There you have it; if you would like to book Cameron to run a motivational assembly or motivational workshop then email us now and we will get you booked in as soon as we can, our email address is until next time keep up the great work.

Motivational Session in 2 Schools Across Flintshire

Motivational Session in 2 Schools Across Flintshire

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