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Get It Done – Motivational Speaker Vlog – Started the week with a BANG; yes a BANG, we started the week inspiring at ‘The Forest High School’ located in Cinderford and then we travelled across to Reading and inspired at ‘John Madejski Academy’. Before I dig a little deeper into the point of the Vlog, check it out below:

The day went extremely well and the feedback has been amazing; ‘The Forest High School’ book me every year, and the project ‘Study Higher’ book me on an regular basis, therefore it was great to continue our relationship and inspire their students.

Study Higher invited me in to run a motivational speech at John Madejski Academy for the year 10, below is one of the best student messages I received via social media:

“I go to John Madejski Academy’, loved your talk and I used to go to Forest and think you did a talk there too, luck to see you twice”

The ‘Forest School’ this specific student is talking about isn’t the ‘The Forest School High School’ I was inspiring at in the morning of this Vlog. Two separate places with approximately 100 miles in between them, just a coincidence…anyways I digress.

The main point I made at the end the Vlog is crucial, especially if you want to move forward and progress within your life. The title of this Vlog is called ‘Get It Done.’

You are probably thinking getting what done? Well if you have a goal or dream in place, then you need a plan…and we need to try our absolute best to execute the plan regardless of how motivated or tired we feel.

In the Vlog I discussed how I wasn’t feeling great; I was tired and slightly under the weather, but that is not an excuse to not stay focused and continue working hard. Okay there needs to be a balance; especially if you are overworked, exhausted or genuinely ill, then I would say rest.

However many people I work with are waiting for the perfect moment before they begin on their journey and start working hard. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist…therefore we need start now and get it done.

There you have it, time to wrap it up and if you haven’t already follow me on all my social medias for daily motivation…together we can achieve more #DreamsToReality

Get It Done – Motivational Speaker Vlog

Get It Done – Motivational Speaker Vlog

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