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Mocks – Experience Over Outcome – Welcome to another week of motivational videos; this one is very important, well only if you are in year 11, teacher or parent of a student in year 11. The mocks are officially here…before I begin watch the video below:

There you have it; for the record if you didn’t manage to watch the video yet, the concept came about when Castle Manor Academy in Suffolk asked me a question on my twitter

“Our year 11 have just started their mocks, what is your key message to them?”

My response to the tweet – “For the mocks…don’t focus on the outcome so much and focus on the experience! This is great practice for the real exam season, so get use to the exam environment…try to start developing good routines & habits! Sleep, nutrition & exercise is important…trust the process”

The response was great on Twitter, therefore I thought I would elaborate. The main focus for the mocks shouldn’t be the outcome; that is a huge statement I have just made, and I may get criticised for that comment. However; the mocks are so close to the real exams, therefore the experience the students will receive is second to none.

My advice is to go in to the mocks with an open mind, take everything in and utilise the opportunity. The more we focus on the mocks as a positive thing; the more the mocks will serve us in the long run, especially when exams arrive.

If you would like me to touch on any other topics then you can always message me on my social medias or email me personally on and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Until next time; keep up the great work and keep on inspiring!

Mocks - Experience Over OutcomeMocks – Experience Over Outcome