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Challenge Yourself – Motivational Speaker Vlog – Consistently challenging and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones can be a difficult task. Especially when things seem to be going okay and running smoothly, however I am great believer in growth. The focus should be to grow as a person; develop our character, our knowledge and our health. That is achieved through challenging and pushing harder than ever before; with that said, before I continue check out the video below and my point will make more sense:

There you have it; yes, you will see me acting silly in the Vlogs and having a great time, to be honest that is just me, I don’t take life too seriously, okay maybe sometimes I do. I digress, the truth is, the point I make in the video is very strong.

It is quite easy for me just to sit back and continue doing what I do on a regular basis; however, I know for me to become a better speaker I need to talk to different crowds, about slightly different topics and learn from those experiences.

That is exactly what I did in this Vlog; I had the opportunity to inspire the new University West of England students, delivering their welcome talk. I had to create a new talk, well 95% of it was created specifically for UWE. Topics I touched on was mental health, bullying, and of course I had to add in some of the Universities rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations are boring I guess; important but boring, however that is my job to make the talk fun, engaging and knowledgeable so the students benefit from the session. The feedback from the welcome talks was incredible and I really enjoyed the challenge; this is definitely something I am looking to improve on and develop, because University students also need that extra push.

The bottom line is this; put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone and do what you need to do to go to the next level. I know you can achieve great things, but it does take time and courage to take that first step outside that comfort zone.

Another example is the fact that I haven’t had my editor check for spelling or grammar mistakes in this blog. The majority of you know I am heavily dyslexic, but I just couldn’t wait to post this…progress over perfection, right?

Okay so time to wrap this up; If you haven’t already then you need to make sure you follow me on all my social medias for daily motivation and until next time, keep working hard.

Challenge Yourself - Motivational Speaker Vlog

Challenge Yourself – Motivational Speaker Vlog

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