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The majority of us have thought it, said it or heard someone say that “life is unfair”. I know I’ve certainly said it a few times over the last 25 years. It’s a phrase I regularly hear from students when working in schools and also when working with adults in my online #TeamHUD group. I decided to address this mentality in my most recent motivational video, posted below –

After watching the video you would have discovered it’s not the most positive motivational message you would have ever heard… BUT, it is the truth. I’m not into sharing lies just because they sounds good; my goal is to share information and motivational messages that will make you get up and do something about it, turn things around, and regardless of what you go through you are ready to brush the pain off and fight another day.

Life is not fair; it can kick us down when we are least expecting it, and at that moment when we feel we can’t physically and mentally take anymore, life still decides to throw another challenge your way. You can look at this any way you feel, you might even have a different opinion, but life doesn’t owe anyone anything, it doesn’t care about your feelings and the quicker we accept that the better.

It will take you less time to recover from life’s obstacles once we accept that life is not fair; we will spend less time being held down playing the victim and more time focusing on the solution and moving forward.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t grieve, or take a little time out, that is sometimes needed, we just can’t live in those kinds of places. You will feel more alive thinking about the future rather than focusing on the past and how life has done you wrong.

You have got this; create a plan and implement it, don’t stop for anything. If you need any help then follow me on my social media pages or email me on

Finally, I just want to thank you all for supporting me on this journey, your help isn’t going unnoticed.

Life Is Unfair - Motivational Speech

Life Is Unfair – Motivational Speech

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