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Life Is Not Short – Motivational Video – That’s right; forget what you have heard, seen or read…life is NOT short!! You probably think Cameron has gone crazy but I haven’t. Therefore before I continue, you need to watch the motivational video below, seriously it’s a must, do it now and I will check in with you after:

Now can you see why I say Life Is NOT Short! Obviously in many ways it is, I get that and it has been something that I have previously said and will occasionally use. However my goal is to push individuals to chase their dreams and pursue the vision they have in their head.

And in many ways we get stuck in the rat race; consistently going through the motion and not making any legit progress. The majority will then quit, settling for something they hate doing.

Despite the critism I may receive I will always encourage people to go after something they love to do; it’s either that or live a life of regret. Fortunately that choice is in your hands; and regardless whether you achieve your goal or not at least you can say you had the courage to pursue something you really wanted.

Your dreams and goals may actually change over time; mine did, and that’s fine but as cliché as it sounds the truth is that life is all about growth. Challenging yourself everyday to become a little better, remember don’t focus on perfection focus on progress.

Ensuring that you are taking the necessary steps on a daily basis to achieve your goals…when you do this then you have the rights to say “Life is too short” haha If anything I hope this short motivational video has opened your mind to a different way of thinking, food for thought or not 😉
Anyways, thank you all for the support…keep on working!

Life Is Not Short - Motivational Video

Life Is Not Short – Motivational Video

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