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The other month I received a decent response to something I posted on Facebook. I believe this was because it was a real life situation and on my social media I like to share the truth, reality, not only the highlight reel.

I was feeling stressed out, I mean really stressed out. I think it was because I had my final exam to do and my workload hit me.

When people are stressed, frustrated and tired they tend to do two things:

  1. Become Less Productive – You can’t think straight, struggle to focus and your work rate decreases immensely.Inspirational Blog, feeling stressed out?
  2. Take their anger out on the people who are closest to them –  We are all guilty of this one, and I hate that I do this time to time because I don’t mean it.

So the big question is how can we fix this, these are the 4 things I did immediately after last week once I identified how I was acting.

  1. Write down what is on your mind. Everything that is stressing you out, annoying you, and holding you back, put the thought on paper. Trust me, this activity alone will make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
  2. Apologise to the people you have been nasty to. They deserve it and will appreciate you even more for taking the courage and saying sorry.
  3. Tell the same person you apologised to what is on your mind and why you acted in such a way. You can show them the piece of paper you did for activity 1 if you prefer. By doing this they will have a better understanding of why you acted in such a way and maybe become more supportive.
  4. Take a couple hours off or a day, what ever you feel you need. This way you will feel more refreshed and ready to continue on the mission to achieve large success.

This works, it worked for me. I would not give you something to do if I haven’t done it for myself. Just try it and refer back to this blog anytime you are in this situation.

The more you become aware of this behavior the better chance you have to put a stop to it, before it escalates, limiting the amount of times this specific thing happens.

Feeling Stressed Out?

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