Exam Preparation – Year after year before students undertake their exams I receive messages on social media from them, telling me they are experiencing high amounts of stress and pressure. I discovered why this was happening in a huge percentage of cases and I share with you in the video below one solution that can reduce this from happening:

After watching the video you will now have a better understanding of why this issue was occurring. I’m not disputing the fact that there are other elements, of course there are, you would be naïve to think otherwise.

But a huge contributing factor is that students approach exam season unprepared, not ready mentally because they have not put in the work. If you are reading this, this might be you, or if you are a teacher then I bet you see it year after year, too.

The bottom line is that the lack of preparation is going to decrease your chances of achieving a good grade. That is why the marathon analogy is so powerful; to reach any great outcome you must take small steps, and eventually these will all add up.

So when you do open your revision workbook two days prior to the exam, everything is familiar to you and you won’t experience as much anxiety, pressure and stress. Of course you will still experience a little bit, but that is good, embrace that feeling.

The good news for those who are taking exams in April, May, and June, is that you still have time. Follow the simple formula in the video or create your own and actually understand 40 hours out of 168 hours is not a lot, especially when it has a direct impact on your future.

Please, please don’t be one of these people who leave it to the last minute… if you do, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

TEACHERS, if you are looking to bring someone in who can shake up the year 11s a little, increase their motivational levels and help them through the next 5 months then email me personally on cam@cameron-parker.com Be aware I do have limited spaces available.

Exam Preparation - Cameron Parker

Exam Preparation

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