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Cornwall – Motivational Speaker – On Wednesday I had the opportunity to work with the year 9s, 10s, 11s and Sixth Form students at Callington Community College in Cornwall. I ran 4 hours of motivational assemblies, followed by a workshop with a selected group of students.
I just want to take this time to thank the staff and students involved, you made me feel extremely welcome and I am excited to come back again in the near future.
Here are the messages I received from the students after I delivered the day:
“Absolutely amazing, you have inspired me to now knuckle down because I’m always messing around, so I want to give you a big thank you, btw i’m in year 9”
“Hello firstly I would like to thank you for coming into callington today and motivating me to actually get on with my life and just motivating me in general I actually found this moving because a couple of weeks go I had parents evening and my mum told each one of the teachers that I keep doubting myself and my confidence isn’t very good but I just kept in looking forward instead of back I did have some days where I felt like I’m not good enough and up to peoples standard it made me feel like a fool but your speech helped me a lot thank you so much
“Your speech today was amazing, I actually had a chem test next period and it helped me be more focused with the right mindset, thank you”
“As a student who doesn’t really care about school you’ve made me change my mind and realise a lot more how much the future means, thank you for that”
“Today was sick, thank you so much. First assembly i’ve actually listened to in a long time! Thank you for making me look at things differently. Hope to see you again soon.”
“Thanks for the talk you gave us today and for the workshop this afternoon, found it all very useful and inspirational, thank you for your time :)”
“Today was amazing you’ve made me want to try and accomplish my dream job (Olympic Rower)
“Thank you for today, honestly it was amazing hearing what you had to say and I know it made a difference to me, I’ve always hated school and I struggle a lot with it but hearing how you felt about your grades and how you achieved what you have today makes me have so much more hope for the future, I am so grateful that you took up your time to come and speak to us, I’ve had a hard time lately and everything you said I really took in, thank you”
“I’m in year 11 and I have been struggling so much recently, that day I went into all my lessons with so much more determination and carried it on since! Things are looking up”
“Hey thank you so much for coming to Callington school a couple of days ago, very inspirational”
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Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker inspiring in a Cornwall School

Cornwall – Motivational Speaker

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